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Garage Door Opener and Garage Door Repairs
Garage Door Opener and Garage Door Repairs

We are the leading authority for garage door openers, garage door repair and garage doors installation. Our fully insured and bonded professionals are ready to take your call and visit your location. All our specialist are fully trained to repair, service, maintain and install all major manufacturers brands such as Apollo, LiftMaster, USAutomatic, Ramset, Platinum, Elite, DKS. And Eagle. Call Gate and today at (844) 698-6892.

Gate and Garage Door and Gate Company is responsible for providing many maintenance and repair tasks different varieties of models and makes. As a full-service professional working in the garage door field, we can quickly discover different issues that may be keeping your garage door from functioning properly. We treat each customer as a unique situation and we handle different common repairs.

The Following Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Be Damaged:

Out Of Alignment Garage Door Track: At Gate and Garage Door and Gate Company, we know that a garage door track can fall out of alignment. This can lead to problem especially when your garage door moving. It’s ideal to contact a service professional if the rollers are bent.

Batteries in Your Garage Door Opener: You can check the batteries in your receiver, and the opener itself. You should check the batteries in your garage door opener before contacting a service professional. Because a garage doors transmitter or opener requires a certain amount of power to work.

Garage Door Will Not Open: If your garage door won’t open, and don’t forget that a garage door is heavier than you think. If the springs in the door got damaged, it can be very hard to open the door. Contact Gate and Garage Door and Gate if think the springs of the garage door is broken, don’t try to lift it.

Garage Door Only Closes Part Way: Garage doors have a component that can reverse them to prevent the chances of damage when things fall into the path of the garage door. Therefore, if debris or dust buildup is on the track. This can leads to the door preventing the rollers from moving.

Garage Door Closes Too Quickly: If your garage door closes too quickly and creates a big bang when it closes. Chances are that a broken tension spring may be the problem. When working with broken springs, it’s ideal to have an expert visit your location to ascertain the issue of your garage door.

If the door is closed and the motor is lifting itself without any movement. There may be obstacles in the track or a problem with the springs. Or, perhaps the lock to your garage door has been activated by mistake. Therefore, keep some of these issues in mind as the reason why your garage door may not open. And don’t forget to contact Gate and Garage Door and Gate Company with any questions that you may have. We offer professional driveway gate, garage door, new and fences new installations. We also offer repairs of any openers, operators and motors – we do it all! Contact Gate and Garage Door and Gate Company today at (844) 698-6892 for your entryway consultation.